Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekend Reads

I hope you all had a fantastic week!  My precious little Jacob turned 3 months old on Tuesday which was also my parents' anniversary!  I have truly been blessed.  Below are links to some posts that I really enjoyed and thought you might too.  Have a great weekend!

Family Fun: Make Seed and Bean Art ~ A Delightful Home ~ I wish I were more creative.  I would love to do this super fun craft with my boys one day. 

Discussion Guide for the Disney Cars Movie ~ The MOB Society ~ My dear Jackson loves the Cars movie so I know this will be a great discussion to have with him.

Are You a Porcupine Wife? ~ Roo Mag ~ This was a guest post by Courtney from Women Living Well.  Definitely made me think about how I speak to my husband.

Diapers and Divine Appointments ~ Visionary Womanhood ~ This really spoke to my heart especially since I had just finished changing 2 diapers in a row!

Are You Living 'The Good Life'? ~ The Imperfect Housewife ~ Very convicting!

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